Rivertown Cattery Kittens

Our newborn Persian kittens are tiny, light, fluffy, and adorable! Here are some pictures from recent litters.

If you are interested in our kittens, please call us at (651) 439-7455 or (612) 801-9019 or email us at

Our newest kittens were born June 24, 2010, to sire Chocolate Swirl and dam Grasee. Their kitten pictures were taken August 29, when they were 8-1/2 weeks old.

Brown Tabby Male
Brown Tabby Female Turiya, now owned by Royd and Pat Honeycutt. In the second picture, Turiya relaxes between rings at a May 21, 2011, cat show. Blue Tabby Male #1
Stonewall Northern Blu
Blue Tabby Male #2
Blu Bayou
Licorice Swirl


Mike and Kitty Holmes of Minnetonka, MN, are the proud new owners of Blu Bayou and Licorice Swirl.  
The Berg Family

Licorice Swirl and Blu Bayou were born April 6, 2009. Their parents are Grasee and Chocolate Swirl. In this picture they are seven weeks old.

Lisa Brown
Shannon Berg and her family from Woodbury, Minnesota, are the proud new owners of a Brown Tabby Female and Brown Tabby Male from the litter below.   Lisa Brown of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, is the proud new owner of the Brown McTabby Male from the litter below.

These precious babies were born April 27, 2008. From left to right below, the kittens are Brown Tabby Female, Brown Tabby Female, Brown McTabby Male, and Brown Tabby Male.
These pictures were taken on June 2, 2008, when the kittens were 5 weeks old.
We're delighted to have found new loving homes for three of the kittens!
One female is staying at Rivertown; we've named her Miss D. Meanor.

The kittens' proud parents are Midas Chocolate Swirl of Rivertown and Rivertown Oh Susanna.

Blue Male - 2.5 weeks

This Blue Male kitten was born January 3, 2008; the picture at the left was taken January 20, 2008, when he was just 2-1/2 weeks old.

His parents are Katzenfur Murphy's Back of Rivertown and Midas Chilacute of Rivertown.

The picture at the right was taken March 16, 2008. His new proud owners are Sylvia Sanchez and family of Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Blue Male - 2.5 months
  Sanchez family  

The kittens below were born September 27, 2007, and these pictures were taken January 20, 2008, just one week before their 4-month-old birthday. Their parents are Midas Chocolate Swirl of Rivertown and Rivertown Oh Susanna.

The blue tabby male is now owned by Steve and Melissa Westphal of Chaska, Minnesota. The black female, whom we have named One Nite Stand, is staying at Rivertown.
My Girl Quigley, a brown tabby female, now owned by Holly Henderson of Appleton, Wisconsin.

The kittens shown below were born November 11, 2006, and these pictures were taken January 1, 2007, when they were a little more than a month and a half old. Their parents are Murphy's Back and Chilacute. Click here for their pedigree.

Silver Tabby MaleSilver Tabby Male
Silver Tabby Male, now owned by Lorraine Roeters of Grand Forks, ND
Blue Tabby MaleBlue Tabby Male
Rivertown Godfather Part Blu, a blue tabby male
Blue FemaleBlue Female
Blue Female, now owned by Royd and Pat Honeycutt of Tippecanoe, Indiana